SEEN on Mash Up International (Uppsala, Sweden).

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SEEN on Mash Up International

Ulf from Mash Up International sent Tobi some more images with Mash Up and SEEN shirts a while ago. See my favourite – with Ulf wearing the LIFE SWEET T-shirt – above. Thanks, Ulf, and the whole crew!

Mash Up International – MIX for Swedish Radio – nr 1 by Mash Up International

Photographer Boogie in Kingston, Jamaica.

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© Boogie

My second trip to Kingston totally made sense. I got a better picture of the city, got to see a couple more neighborhoods, and took a bunch of pictures of course. In a way I have a love/hate relationship with Kingston, my mood there is up and down too … for example, my last day there sucked, I spent all day inside staring at the computer (Kingston is not a city where you just walk around and make friends with locals) – but than that night I hung out some serious gangsters, took pictures of guns and stuff, I can’t go into details here. But at the end of the night no one could take the smile off my face. (via Freshngood)

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Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2009

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This years’ Chiemsee Reggae Summer was very close to the perfect festival. A decent line-up was paired with many goodies for the 25 000 visitors. Cold and fresh Becks was available for 1 EUR and there was a barbeuce area with cheap meat from a local butcher and open decks for soundsystems. Read the rest of "Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2009" →

Cass’ Cuts: Modeselektor, Half Pint, The Rolling Stones & The Streets

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© Peter Dean Rickards

This is my last post for the next 6 months. I´m heading to India, finding my inner peace in a nice calm ashram. Joking: Actually I’ll be working in a small school in the countryside and the internet won’t be part of my daily life.

In my jukebox today: Modeselektor (“Let Your Love Grow”), Half Pint (“Too Rude”), The Rolling Stones (“Too Rude”) and The Streets (“Stay Positive”). Enjoy the last episode of Cass’ Cuts for now and if you have some travel tips for me, hit the comment section.

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Cass’ Cuts: Shystie, J Dilla, Rusko & Caspa

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Sand, the Zebra, and The Heroic Cardboard Box (more from The Rocktower soon)

Man, I hate those star thingys on top of all Youtube videos now. Still want to share my Sunday selection though before I had off to the football stadium. Here we go:

1. Shystie, known from “Dubplate Drama” and “Adulthood”, drops her album in 2009. The first single “New Style” definitely has some crossover potential.
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