Ransomware Encryption

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Ransomware uses asymmetric encryption. When an attacker sends a message with encryption key value, user must give decryption key to decrypt the data, so learning about ransomware is important to be prevented against these attacks.

The value of encryption key is usually in the range from 35 to 58 bytes.

Any plaintext in the message is changed.

Message encrypted with symmetric cipher will have some header information like user name, encrypted password, and or comments that are used to display the message.

The value of encrypted header is usually a 64-bit integer.

Messages encrypted with symmetric cipher will have some key and symmetric key values like message content, encrypted message header, encrypted content of message header, and encrypted key.

The symmetric key value is normally encrypted with symmetric cipher with key length from 22 to 64 bytes.

This way attacker can not decrypt the header data after encrypted message header and content.

Encrypted data is only readable if user has given decryption key.

Cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt symmetric cipher messages.

Encryption key should be set to “A” for AES and “B” for Twofish.

If the message does not have the correct encryption key, messages will be decrypted by a not even considered attacker.

The cipher is used for symmetric cipher messages.

Symmetric cipher for symmetric encryption is AES or Twofish with “A” encryption key and “B” decryption key.

Symmetric encryption works in which first user encrypts a message with her private key.

User later puts the message in the public key.

An attacker who doesn’t know public key encrypts the message with a randomly generated key, then sends the message with a not even considered adversary.

And the asymmetric encryption algorithm of symmetric cipher, decryption key and cipher block size (CBC) is chosen randomly.

If the public key is not properly created, symmetric encryption can not work.

AES encryption works in which first user encrypts the message with her private key.

AES encryption is one of the most used symmetric encryption algorithms in this malware class.

Symmetric encryption is applied symmetrically with same key.

The asymmetric key is asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Symmetric key can be created in two ways: symmetric-key cryptosystem or symmetric-key private key-generator.

S-box is the most popular encryption algorithm for symmetric encryption.

Symmetric key cryptosystem is composed of two keys public key and private key.

Public key is shared by user and decryptor.

The private key is secret and not ever shared with user.

When decrypting, public key is exchanged with the private key.

PuTTY’s symmetric cipher Cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt symmetric cipher messages.

Cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt symmetric cipher messages.

Encryption key should be set to “A” for AES and “B” for Twofish.

If the message does not have the correct encryption key, messages will be decrypted by a not even considered attacker.

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Background checks importance

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A good reason for thorough background checks is to avoid negligent hiring claims. For example, one employer failed to obtain a background check in a job opening when she learned about a drug addiction. The company was forced to fire her for cause.

Also, it’s not unreasonable for an employer to seek to remove a current employee with a felony conviction, especially if the employer suspects the employee could become violent. This kind of conviction is one of the three or more serious offenses listed on the federal Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. This law requires background checks of all gun sales and transfers.

An employee who refuses a background check will not be able to receive a firearms permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a government agency, as long as the FBI is investigating, and that’s why companies use professional services for background checks so they can know everything on their employees is in order.

In Texas, the state’s current statute provides for a right of appeal to the Texas Criminal Justice Commission. An employee may be suspended without pay for up to 180 days for a felony conviction, and a state employee who is convicted of a felony may be removed from office upon conviction.

A new Texas law, Senate Bill 549, signed into law on May 9, 2014, requires state employees to register as sex offenders after a sex offense conviction. A new federal law, the Megan’s Law, signed into law on December 18, 2009, allows anyone convicted of a sex offense against a minor to be prosecuted as an adult and requires states to inform the National Sex Offender Registry of convicted offenders. The federal and state registration laws are not uniform.
In states where registries are not required, some offenders remain on the state’s registry, while others can apply for cancellation. However, the federal law requires the cancellation of registries after a 10-year period.

Child sex offenders (usually referred to as sex offenders) face various criminal penalties under a wide variety of state and federal laws. Depending on the offense, a state might require a sex offender to register as a sex offender, be subject to a financial penalty, or be prohibited from living in certain areas. Most of the sex offenses that a state or federal sex offender might be convicted of are “statutory” (criminal in nature), which means that the state laws create the statutory offense but that a federal law governs the sentencing. Statutory sex offenses include child molestation, rape, and sexual battery. The most serious sex offense that a state or federal sex offender might face is a life sentence in prison. As noted above, sex offenses in the state of Virginia can result in a sentence of life imprisonment or death. If you are charged with or convicted of a sex offense in the state of Virginia, please be sure to contact a local attorney in the state.

Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Jamaica #3: Steely & Clevie – At The Top.

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Steely & Clevie – At The Top

It is day number three of this year’s SEEN Christmas gift guide series, and it is time to recommend some fine fine music as our favourite online boutique of the year – Rewind Forward – added Steely & Clevie’s “At The Top” LP to their stock:

8 tracks. Hands-on musicianship of the pair. Dean Fraser on Sax, David Madden on Trumpet, and engineers such as Bobby Digital and Ossie Thomas at the buttons. Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio, King Jammy Studio & Creative Sounds in Kingston as well as The A Class Studio, London. Artwork by Orville ‘Bagga’ Case.

Go get it know (and if it is as a present to yourself)!

Elijah feat. Terry Lynn – »Gun Cry«.

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I have been anxious for new music from Terry Lynn and was surprised when I heard her voice on an acoustic guitar tune called »Gun Cry«. Very pleasantly surprised though.

»Gun Cry« is a song written by Swiss artist Elijah who had originally met Terry living in Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica. The two reconnected for a unplugged show for the opening of Hotel Rivington & Sons in fall 2011 in Zurich and came up with »Gun Cry« late one evening on the rooftop of our friend Russell Hergert’s flat.

A just a bang bakka bakka bang bang,
bakka bang bang bakka bakka bang bang.
It’s a gun cry another youth a die.

Elijah is the latest addition to Russ Hergert’s PHREE roster. He joins Wildlife!, Terry Lynn, and other iconic Jamaican artists such as Toots & The Maytals, who received a 2013 Grammy nomination for his acoustic album co-produced by Russ.

Federation Sound on RBMA Radio: Murder Dubs.

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Max Glazer of Federation Sound breaks down his bashment essentials and clash-winning dubplates for Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

Head over to the RBMAR website to enjoy the show at home or download the new RBMAR app to take the following tunes to wherever you enjoy your sunny Sunday:

01 Murderer – Buju Banton
02 Sandokan – Supercat
03 Don Dada (7″ Version) – Supercat
04 Here I Come – Barington Levy
05 Welcome To Jamrock – Damian Marley
06 Murderer – Beenie Man feat. Barrington Levy
07 98 – Spragga Benz
08 Big Ship Family Sailing (Dub) – Freddie McGregor
09 No Respect (Dub) – Buju Banton
10 Bam Bam (Dub) – Pliers
11 Real Badman (Dub) – Vybz Kartel
12 Bumaye Federation (Dub) – Major Lazer