Cass’ Cuts: Shystie, J Dilla, Rusko & Caspa

posted on February 8th, 2009 by in Cass' Cuts

Sand, the Zebra, and The Heroic Cardboard Box (more from The Rocktower soon)

Man, I hate those star thingys on top of all Youtube videos now. Still want to share my Sunday selection though before I had off to the football stadium. Here we go:

1. Shystie, known from “Dubplate Drama” and “Adulthood”, drops her album in 2009. The first single “New Style” definitely has some crossover potential.

2. Support your man J Dilla.

3. Caspa & Rusko – Rock Bottom.

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  1. bini said at 7:34 pm on February 8th, 2009:

    boa… des new style is super.

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