Cass’ Cuts: Modeselektor, Half Pint, The Rolling Stones & The Streets

posted on February 22nd, 2009 by in Audio, Cass' Cuts

© Peter Dean Rickards

This is my last post for the next 6 months. I´m heading to India, finding my inner peace in a nice calm ashram. Joking: Actually I’ll be working in a small school in the countryside and the internet won’t be part of my daily life.

In my jukebox today: Modeselektor (“Let Your Love Grow”), Half Pint (“Too Rude”), The Rolling Stones (“Too Rude”) and The Streets (“Stay Positive”). Enjoy the last episode of Cass’ Cuts for now and if you have some travel tips for me, hit the comment section.

1. Modeselektor feat. Paul St. Hilair – Let Your Love Grow

2. The original. Half Pint – Too Rude

3. The Cover. The Rolling Stones – Too Rude

4. The Streets – Stay Positive

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