New Class At Gymbox: “Ragga”.

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Gymbox Ragga Class

Haha. If you’re living in London and want to step up your fitness with some Jamaican dance moves, you might want to give the new “Ragga” class at Gymbox a try.

Once confined to dance halls and niche underground clubs, we’re bringing Ragga to you fresh from the new renaissance in Paris. Get ready to whine, slam, shake, butterfly and freestyle your way fit!

The course is held at the Bank studio on Wednesday at 5.45pm, in the Covent Garden studio on Monday at 7.45pm, in the Farringdon studio on Thursday at 6.15pm, in Holborn on Wednesday 7.30pm, and in Westfield on Monday at 7.30pm.

Baddest DJ ever!

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Supreme collaborates with Wackies.

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Supreme X Wackies

I just learned via Shimmy Shimmy that Supreme has joined forces with the legendary New York reggae studio/label Wackies to present a small capusule collection consisting of four graphic T-Shirts, a Tank Top, and a 5-Panel Hat.

All items have been designed using original artwork from the Wackies records label archive. This group will be offered along with two new original graphic T-Shirts for the Summer. (via Supreme)

The stuff will be available in-store in NY, LA, London and online on upcoming Thursday, June 6th and on June 8th in Japan.

SEEN recommends: 5 Years of HYPIE HYPIE.

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5 Years Hypie Hypie

HYPIE HYPIE – Schlachthofbronx’s resident party series in Munich – turns five. For their anniversary celebrations, they invite little and big kids alike to an all-day extravaganza at the Backstage next Saturday, June 8.

From 1-9pm, a block party with bouncy castle, swimming pool, face painting, a boombox show off and an all-star line-up of local DJs (e.g. Demint! Flo Falterer! Jaecki Zucker!) will be held in the yard, before at night Schlachthofbronx will tear down the club with a little help of Ms. Dynamite, Sirius Mo and more.

You should definitely go and stay!

PS: RSVP here and grab your tickets there.

System Clash: The Best Sound System of All-Time.

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In the lead-up to this year’s edition of »Culture Clash« in New York city, Red Bull Music Academy asked reggae writers Eddie Stats, David Katz, Rishi Nath and Paul Bradshaw to weigh in with their pick for the best sound system of all-time in a series of articles they called »System Clash«.

Stats chose Stone Love for the musical variety they played, them pioneering the art of juggling, revolutionizing the dub plate game, their clean sound and them being the first truly global soundsystem:

By the end of the ’90s, Stone Love had franchises in New York and London as well, solidifying their supremacy and making them the only sound that could play three different dances in three different cities – on three different continents.

Katz picked Jah Shaka for their sound manipulation skills, their consequent focus on positive sounds of actual importance as well as the spiritual vibes in their sessions:

A Jah Shaka session really is akin to a religious experience; even those who claim not to be religious themselves will often report feeling something spiritual there.

Nath went with Massive B for their massive radio presence, their high-quality promotion, their record label and their consistent and longstanding connection to the dancehall community:

You can’t just think of Massive B doing good things for New York. You have to think in another way: being from New York, look what they’ve done. Try to imagine reggae without Massive B? You can’t.

Finally, Bradshaw repped for Sir Coxsone Outernational for him recognising the value of youth and the need for fresh ideas within his team, him maintaining long-standing links with Jamaica’s finest producers and artists and his sound boasting an unrivalled selection of music:

Lloyd possessed a gravitas that was commensurate to the Knighthood he had bestowed upon himself.

You can read all articles clicking on the links at the beginning of each paragraph above. Enjoy!