Cass’ Cuts: Buraka Som Sistema, Mavado, Sizzla & The Streets

posted on January 25th, 2009 by in Audio, Cass' Cuts, Photography, Video

(via Pirelli)

The picture above is from the famous Pirelli calendar. In 1971 they flew to Jamaica and made some pretty amazing stuff. Click here to enjoy the other pictures of the theme “Caribbean Affair”.

1. This week I finally got my hands on the “Black Diamonds” album from Buraka Som Sistema. How can it possibly be, that in 2009 a record isn’t released on the same day all over the world? No wonder, people keep downloading. But this one is definitely worth the wait and money.

2. Mavado and Daseca. No need to say more. Another gully anthem.

3. Some classic Sizzla.

4. Mike Skinner covers Elton John? Some people may hate it and would suggest to use auto-tune, but I really love his unique version.

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