Cass Cuts’ – Kano, Burial, ConQuest & D1

posted on November 8th, 2008 by in Audio


1. No more pop songs, Kano moved back to grime street. Check his freestyle over the Shoot Out Riddim.

(via 140 Grime St)

2. “True Love” a unreleased masterpiece from the genius Burial. Can’t wait for a proper release.

3. “Forever” by Conquest is a hypnotic dubstep track, which you better enjoy on a huge soundsystem and a cool red stripe in your hand.

4. There’s nothing better than starting your sunday morning with D1 “Mind And Soul”.

One comment on “Cass Cuts’ – Kano, Burial, ConQuest & D1”

  1. elijah said at 6:56 pm on November 10th, 2008:

    lets see how long kano stays on grime street 4

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