Snapback SEEN

by Tobias Huber
More needed
Days to go
Fabric: 80% acrylic, 20% wool
Color: All black w/ white embroidery
Extras: 3D embroidery on the front, 2D on the side
Sizes: OS
Pre-order until: September 18, 2014
Production: First 24 orders ship right on Sep 18

Sorry but the pre-order period for this product is already over.


For round six of the X AMOUNT OF NICENESS project, we have done the unthinkable. Well, actually we have done what most streetwear brands out there do all the time: We have put our name on a product.

The product is another black snapback as we have come to a point where we simply have to have an alternative for the "KINGSTON" snapback which we haven't taken off since it came out in July.

Our name is, of course, SEEN – just in case you forgot over all those nice GABE illustrations that have paved our way.