What happens if the minimum number of pre-orders for a product is not reached?

If the minimum number of pre-orders for a product is not reached at the end of the pre-order period, the product will not be produced. All payments will be completely refunded within 2 weeks maximum.

How can I pay for my (pre-)order(s)?

We can only accept payments made through Paypal as Paypal acts as trustee during pre-order periods.

Can I return my order(s)?

Yes, you can return ordered products in perfect, unworn condition within 2 weeks after delivery if you are not satisfied and will get your money refunded. However, as all products in this project are produced on demand, you will not be able to exchange them for the same products in another size.

How long will it take to hold a pre-ordered product in my hands?

The production time for each product is different. It is therefore stated on the product detail page from which you can pre-order the product. We will always do our best to produce products as fast as possible (if the minimum number of pre-orders is reached) but please understand that we are dependent on external service providers when it comes to production.

Will I be able to order any of the X AMOUNT OF NICENESS products after the pre-order periods?

No. You are only able to (pre-)order the products during their pre-order period.