Tim Turbo Thursday #9 – DEER Taking Over!

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“Hello, this is DEER and I’m a technoholic. I stole Tim Turbo’s Thursday and hold Tim Turbo to ransom. I need more cash for more beats. Here is my story:

I first tried some of these small minimal beat-pills and everything was fine. Then I started to take tuffer things like SebastiAn, Kavinsky and Boys Noize. Not too excessive, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I still had the control.
But in the last two years it became worse and worse: I popped everything from Switch to Crookers. A lot of Herve, Fake Blood, Modeselektor and Jesse Rose.

Now I need this feeling rushing through my veins, assigning my pulse, controlling every little second of my daily life, constantly. Yes, I’m addicted. When I’m sitting in the tub or caress my pony or even when I pump my iron, I need a beat. I forced Tim Turbo to write his tune-by-tune-stuff, so you all know he is still alife. Don’t call 911 and don’t do something blindfold, like writing Tim Turbo on his facebook group or page, twitter him or send him tunes! I claim 500 downloads and a few dinky female comments on my blog ransom on the barrelhead for TT’s life!

And now I will hook you: Taste the sweet, forbidden fruit, you will love it! (evil laughing)”

Tim Turbo Thursday #9 – DEER Taking Over!

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Hey kids, it’s Tim Turbo. I’m o.k., but I’m so sorry you have to witness this. Try to get not addicted while listening to DEER’s music, get to know his weapons:

01 Don Nola – Washer

Don Nola just released his two track EP “Washer EP”. The title-tune is four-to-the-floor discoliciousness and full of glitched up madness. But I think DEER picked it, because this one vocal sample sounds almost like somebody saying his name – egocentric drug victim! He’s trying to get in your head.

02 Kelevra – Grab Ya Funkstick

UK Midland midget Kelevra does ass-shakin’-bass-music for your ass (perfect ass wobble possible). I think DEER used this song to simulate positive aim. He makes you imagine you are safe. But you are so not!

03 Boy 8 Bit – Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix)

You have to know, tunes released at Trouble and Bass bring trouble thru bass. They will wobble your brain away, Boy 8-Bit Style. Boy 8-Bit’s original mix of “Fogbank” is something of an ode to jungle breakbeat laced with signature 8-bit melodies and square bass. The Jack Beats rmx is exactly that silly lose-your-brain-wobble-bass.

04 Mightyfools – Super Sexy (Lee Mortimer remix)

This one is drifty – don’t drift away. It’s kind of hypnotic – don’t get dreamy. And don’t let Lee Mortimer’s aka Sawtooth Sucka’s aka Switch’s Buddy aka Warehouse CEO’s chainsaw-bass hit you.

05 Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick (Original Mix)

The Chi-town harassment is called Santiago & Bushido, two dudes making a splash on the local scene and spreading fast. They’re on the infamous Pottymouth Records label along with this group called Crookers, or something to that extent. That should be the wake-up-call. You can escape still. Just press stop. Or is it already too late?

06 Harvard Bass – Caked

Harvard Bass didn’t go to harvard. Actually you can find him at various taco shops or tucked away in his bedroom studio in the south part of San Diego (aiyaiyai!) popping some tacos. His music is heavily influenced by old chicago stuff and Filter House and these days he has been coming up with some serious jams! “Caked” is his latest finished product. It got the bang-bang-bass, the synthed-out filters, the choppy vocal sample – throw in a hot doug’s hot dog and you’d have a Chi-town certified export. Dude has a pretty solid mixtape out called Go To School.

I think DEER is in love with Chicago, maybe that’s a soft spot. If you guys could film Kanye doing something, let him (angry as always) hit you afterwards and then threaten him to get him in jail, maybe DEER will free me and my Thursday, for Kanye? Not?

07 Siriusmo – Allthegirls (Tomboy Remix)

Berlin’s Shir Khan over at Exploited introduced me to Siriusmo’s music and now the dark side, the DEER-side uses it for for his cause. Tomboy did this sturdier remix of “Allthegirls”, seducing you with attractive acid-stabs and sneaky sub-basses. I think I abandon my hope. The tune-selection is too strong. You will all end at DEER’s technoholica-zombie-parties.

08 The Yank -  We can’tbe stopp’d

The Yank seems to be a pretty elusive man, and I never really saw his beats around, and dunno why more people aren’t into him. He style gots a some similarities to Mowgli, especially in the vocal-sample game. But one thing is shure: DEER shows know mercy with this one.

09 Ron Carroll – Bump To This (Bart B More & Bingo Players Remix)

O.k., now DEER comes with the heavyweights: Ron Caroll is one of THE house-legends and Bart B More is one of THE whizz kids of ohh-eight. You are fucked. DEER got you.

10 Kidda – Under the Sun (Herve Remix)

Skint records has got to the one of the most visionary group of music producers on the planet. Hitting the mark again they release Kidda‘s new full length “Going Up”. The original “Under The Sun” has been in the new Bacardi mojito adverts and seeings how he got this tasty remix by Herve. Breakbeats, brickbass, breaks your neck. I have only one tune more to save you. Please do the requested downloads. Free me!

11 Duke Dumont – Feltham (The Borstal Beat)

Duke Dumont – I can imagine your nodding heads, before the tune transforms into a massive krunk explosion of insane metallic sub-bass and cut up vocals. A cruel vision. For the last time: free me and yourself from DEER’s reign of techno-terror. Download and comment, tell everybody!

Hopeful, yours Tim Turbo.

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