Tim Turbo Thursday #20 – Danny Scrilla’s Message Is Wobble

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Hi kids, it’s your favourite bass truant, Tim Turbo, letting Danny Scrilla do his homework

Thats right, Danny Scrilla took over the Tim Turbo Thursday again (last time was 7 issues ago) and this time it’s todays anniversary issue number 20. It was time again for Danny to do this, because he gets better in what he does like every 10 minutes. It’s nearly stupefying how good he is right now 7 issues later. Also the internet hype starts to bubble up like Peppa Pot Soup. His marvellous Kid Cudi remix was all internet lately: e.g. on Kid Cudi’s blog, on this one here, right here and in some youtubepartytapingaction. Some knowing confidants also know it’s better than Rusko’s lame attempt (word). Commercial information btw: Get yourself a likkle rave at home, with Danny’s E.P.(out on i’n'itunes).  All told, this boy will make his way and the seen. cru is totally in love with him (no homo).

You betta get at him for the booking right now, because in summer he will come up with a mindblowing live show as a part of Hansome Sistema a.k.a. Handsome HiFi and then everybody wants his wobble on their party/festival/younameit. No forecasting, just the truth and nuttin but the truth, trust me.

While enjoying Scrilla’s wobble-swagger, maybe check out these informative and useful pages: my Facebook group where you also have the chance to subscribe to the podcast feed via RSS or alternatively, you can subscribe via i’n’i-Tunes. Also hit the subscribtion form for our newsletter or show me some written love (poems, anyone?) on timturbo[at]seen-site[dot]com. Book me (Yeah, i can bring Danny with me) by writing some kind words to: book.tim.turbo[at]seen-site[dot]com.

Tim Turbo Thursday #20

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Download Tim Turbo Thursday #20

Clickcklackthis for the Tricktracklist…

Stenchman – The Number One

Appleblim & Peverelist – A Circling

Shakleton – You Bring Me Down (Peverelist Remix)

Headhunter – Axis

D1 – Risin

Danny Scrilla – The Dan Machine

Caper – Hybrid

Itchy Robot – Don’t Stop

The Others – Fun House

Caspa – Riot Powder

MarkOne – Elektronik

Danny Scrilla – Loud Noises

Skream – Fick

Danny Scrilla – Tek9

Double S – From Day (Cardopusher Remix)

Dynamite Mc – Rat-A-TatTat

Danny Scrilla – Glitch

Quantum Soul – Dream Catcher

Kromestar & Hatcha – White Noise

Stenchman – Powerful Majical Master

Danny Scrilla – Airhorns

Hatcha – Just A Rift

Snares – Black Sabbath

Darkstar – Need You

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skreamix)

Take care! The message is wobblelove!

Sincerely yours, Tim Turbo

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  1. PDR said at 1:48 pm on April 9th, 2009:

    start listen dem ting hard now uno…

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