Reggae Covers of Famous Songs

posted on March 14th, 2009 by in Audio, Video

Feeling slightly hung over and not wanting to get out of bed, I started to put together a new Youtube playlist for reggae covers of famous songs – cheesy contemporary shit as well as all-time classics. I started with the following tunes:

- Pam Hall – “My Heart Will Go On”
- Echo Minnott “sweet Dreams”
- Tarrus Riley “Human Nature”
- Little Kirk “What´s Love Got To Do”
- Shinehead “Billy Jean”
- Da`Ville “In Heaven”
- The Mohawks “Let It Be”
- Alton Ellis “Bye Bye Love”
- Horace Andy “Ain´t No Sunshine When She´s Gone”
- Blood Sisters “Ring My Bell”
- Carol Cool “Upside Down”
- Peter Tosh “Johnny B. Goode”
- don´t want to type no more

Find the whole list above and here and feel free to point me to some more covers in the comments.

  • How about this for an idea? I particularly like the cover of Billie Jean…

  • rekans

    Alpha Blondy – I Wish You Were Here

  • nice one, thanks!

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  • reggaelover

    The lions – Think

  • reggaelover

    The lions – Think