»Mos Dub« produced by Max Tannone

posted on April 6th, 2010 by in Audio

»Mos Dub« is a remix project by Max Tannone who you might already know from his »Jaydiohead« project. (via Club 45)

It features the (sometimes quite Patois-flavoured) lyrics from one of my all-time favourite rappers, Mos Def, on classic dub and reggae music.

01 Johnny Too Beef (»Beef« X »Johnny Too Bad« – The Slickers)
02 History Town (»History« X »007« – Desmond Dekker & The Aces)
03 Ms. Vampire Booty (»Ms. Fat Booty« X »The Mummy Shroud« – Scientist)
04 In My Math (»Mathematics« X »Your Teeth In My Neck« – Scientist)
05 Travellin’ Underground (»Travellin’ Man« X »Underground« – Lee Perry)
06 Shroud The Stars (»Bright As The Stars« X »The Mummy Shroud« – Scientist)
07 Mr. Universe (»Next Universe« X »Mr. D. Brown Skank« – Observer All-Stars)
08 Summertime Running (»Summertime« X »Running Dub« – King Tubby)
09 Kampala Truth Work (»Work It Out« X »Truth & Rights« – Johnny Osbourne)
10 Hurricane Black (»Hurricane« X »Black Moon« – Third World All Star)

Playlist via Illroots.

Listen to »Mos Dub« below and download the entire album for free here.

Mos Dub by maxtannone

PS: Also make sure to play this Gregory Isaacs every Sunday morning you wake up next to the »Ms. Fat Booty« of your choice …

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