Federation Invasion Podcast

posted on July 27th, 2007 by in Audio

There´s probably no other genre having a higher output of singles per week than reggae and dancehall do.
If you´re not the kind of person digging in the crates every second day, but don´t wanna get lost in that avalanche of new tunes either, you might find it useful to be given a weekly overview of what´s hot and what´s not in JA.
And if your mindset is similar to ours, you might very likely want to get that overview for free.
Well, that´s exactly what Max Glazer, Keeny Meez and Disco D offer with their incredible Federation Invasion podcast. We soon gonna add their weekly mixes as a soundtrack to our website. Until then, you can also get them by clicking here and add the audio-feed to iTunes or whatever software you use to pull stuff off the web and on to your mobile MP3-device.

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