Edgy Friday: Rega, Supra, BigUp, Ipath and Undefeated

posted on March 13th, 2009 by in Edgy Fridays


This is a start of a new series. No idea how long I will actually be running this but I´ll start it anyway. It´s called “Edgy Fridays” and it´s about consuming in times of recession. Besides stuff I´d really like to stack up in my yard, I will try to regularly include products using and abusing the red, gold and green. On this week´s wishlist are:

- the Rega P3 – 24 coloured turntables (via Artschoolvets)

- the Black Tuf sky tops from Supra

- the third edition of Big Up magazine

And for the hipster rasta them, I got:

- the Ipath Roots Pack &

- some shirts from Undefeated & Masterpiece.

Please hit me up if you find any stuff that you think might be worth being featured here or if you just dreamed last night that you gonna get some money today.

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  1. Big Up Magazine said at 10:02 pm on March 13th, 2009:

    Big Up!

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