Edgy Fridays #04: a frame, a shirt, a brush, a compilation & The Real McCoy

posted on April 18th, 2009 by in Design, Edgy Fridays, Stuff


Almost all you need for a sunny Saturday evening slash Sunday afternoon  – a bottle of Real McCoy to ease up, a red, gold, and green checked shirt by Stussy to impress the ladies, a Ratatat tooth brush in case you find one that lets you crash at her place, a dub compilation that makes her stay in bed till noon, and a record frame to save that LP for future female fans (a good alternative to that dub compilation would be JaHdAn BLaKKaMooRe´s brand new 12″ “The General” out now on Juno and those kind of places).

Edgy Fridays 03: Vans X Bad Brains, comb-at & Rebel Green

posted on April 4th, 2009 by in Edgy Fridays


Once again, this little Friday shopping column comes on a Saturday. Sorry for that but I´ve been busy in Berlin from Wednesday until yesterday night. Anyway.

This week I got the Vans X Bad Brains snowboard boots. I really like the red, green, and gold gradient. Somehow manages to kill the hippieness those colours usually stand for when worn by white people (via CtotheJL).

I also got a comb looking like a knife designed by Lorenzo Damian (via Artschoolvets).

And I got “Rebel Clean” -

a chic, edgy, “eco” lifestyle brand that elevates green products to a new level of organic cotton status (via The Dieline).

For all natty dreads who don´t want to give up rebelling but still want to keep their apartment clean the natural way ;-).

Edgy Fridays: Alife, Shebeen Rum & Rockers NYC

posted on March 30th, 2009 by in Design, Edgy Fridays, Fashion


It´s getting worse. While I had last Edgy Fridays on a Saturday, it comes on a Tuesday this time. Must be the clock change we had on the weekend…

Enough talking – what´s on the list? Well, we got Alife sneakers which are not really more than alright but which come nicely packaged with an original Playboy bunny. We got Shebeen rum which is also nicely packaged (by a studio called Established). And we got the “68 Guns” T-shirt out of Rockers NYC´s summer 09 collection which is presented in a video that bad that it´s almost good again.

Edgy Friday: Rega, Supra, BigUp, Ipath and Undefeated

posted on March 13th, 2009 by in Edgy Fridays


This is a start of a new series. No idea how long I will actually be running this but I´ll start it anyway. It´s called “Edgy Fridays” and it´s about consuming in times of recession. Besides stuff I´d really like to stack up in my yard, I will try to regularly include products using and abusing the red, gold and green. On this week´s wishlist are:

- the Rega P3 – 24 coloured turntables (via Artschoolvets)

- the Black Tuf sky tops from Supra

- the third edition of Big Up magazine

And for the hipster rasta them, I got:

- the Ipath Roots Pack &

- some shirts from Undefeated & Masterpiece.

Please hit me up if you find any stuff that you think might be worth being featured here or if you just dreamed last night that you gonna get some money today.