Join the »Jamaica« board on Pinterest.

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Jamaica on Pinterest

So I started a Jamaica-themed »board« on this website called Pinterest which let’s you collect, organize and share images of stuff you find interesting.

If you’re on Pinterest as well and would like to contribute to the board, please follow me and get in touch. If you would like to get an invite for Pinterest, I’m happy to help.

5 last-minute Christmas gifts for Reggae lovers.

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Christmas gifts for Reggae fans

Still searchin for some gifts for Reggae lovers? Today is probably the last day to order from independent shops and have at least a slight chance for the goods to arrive before Christmas eve. Go to the SEEN shop or grab one of these five fine items:

(1) The Cover Art of Studio One Records (Soul Jazz)
(2) Showtime DVD – The history of UK Dancehall live on Stage (The Heatwave)
(3) The Upsetter DVD – The Live and Music of Lee Scratch Perry
(4) Skarra Mucci & Delroy Wilson – Movie Star 7″ (Fizzle Records)
(5) Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem T-Shirt (Shimmy Shimmy)

Footy Saturday.

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Footy Saturday.

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Robben Müller-Wohlfahrt

Mom’s Jamaican Christmas Fruitcake Recipe

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Recently I stood in Half Way Tree in an eternally long ABM line. Observing the traffic both on the road and in the plaza (mall) and realized that Christmas was upon us. In light of that I figured I would share a few of my mother’s and other women I know with really great Christmas recipes. Fruitcakes are an integral part of the Jamaican Christmas experience. Even in houses where mommies didn’t bake or cook for that matter, they always had cakes and sorrel at home for when the inevitable visitors stopped by. I still have fond childhood memories of being the official mixer, to which I always got a stern warning every year.

“Nuh change the direction yu a mix in or yu a go spoil mi cake!”

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