What happened to having a childhood…

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… asks our friend Eve and makes her statement against children being pulled on the dark and dutty side of the dancehall too early:

There is no place for innocence in the dancehall. There is no place for children nor is it a space for anyone to use as a means of primary socialization. This is a scared space to those who maturely occupy it. To be honest children are unable to comprehend actions and innuendos that inhabit the space, obviously they will misunderstand and it is in this misunderstanding where they become scared for life.

Nothing too add but that children have – as far as I know from personal experience and reading about the history of dancehall culture – always had a role to play in the dancehall. But that role was limited to collecting empty Red Stripe bottles early in the morning to earn some extra dollars and didn´t push them in the centre of attention and everything that comes along.

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  1. Eve said at 2:29 am on April 1st, 2009:

    ^_^ Glad u like T, I’m just tired, really tired of seeing children where there not suppose to be doing things that my mother didn’t even know how to do when she got me and instead of being chastised they get positive reinforcement. Too many WTF moments man and I just feel like grab them and beat everyone of them.

  2. Elam said at 8:46 pm on April 10th, 2009:

    Sad,sad,sad ! I know that Dancehall is very sexual, the songs, the dances etc. But at what point did it become acceptable for young children to get partake in these sexualised acts with adults! This is not the first time ive seen tings like this, Ive been forwarded several videos from youtube, were adults are encouraging there children (as young as 3years old even) to dance in this sexed up way. Its as if some people see sex like, eating cake or having a bath, any one can do it with each other no matter how old or young!

    To be honest i tink that the adults that allow these tings to happen are fucking peadophiles. Its wrong Oh soo Wrong, but i’m not quiet sure what can help these people to change.

    That image might seem like just a bit of fun to some people, but the boundries between a child and adult, have definately been broken. And in cases like these where children are allowed to dance like that with adults, I believe it lead on to plenty of other things.

    There not looking at children as children, but as an oppurtunity for a sexual object.

    For example I’ve read of a few cases in jamaica where children, babies have been raped and killed. I’m not saying that these things have never happened before, but to the extent to which its happening now. For example, Read this link below:


    But I’m confident that the majority of people in Jamaica do not promote this type of dancing with children and other activities.

    Well i didn’t mean to write and essay lol, & i hope it doesn’t sound like i’m just rambling on.
    But i believe its wrong and i feel passionate about it .


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