The Resurgence of Boxing in Jamaica.

posted on March 26th, 2013 by in Jamaica

Stanley Couch Gym (Kingston, Jamaica)

For their latest Sevens Clash feature, Sean Stewart and Alexander Richter visited Stanley Couch Gym in Kingston.

They caught up with Sakima Mullings and Devon »Concrete« Moncrieffe, two popular fighters, as well as their promoters, Willie Yap and Christopher Brown to talk about the current resurgence of boxing in JA.

It’s a great time for boxing in Jamaica right now. [...] Contender was not the be all end all, so we’re thankful that this Mayhem series started after that also to keep us busy, keep us getting fights, building our record, mastering our skills, so that when we do get on the big stage, the international stage, we’ll be ready and we’re going to bring those belts and titles back to Jamaica.

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