Still need a Christmas present – How about an original Banksy?

posted on November 24th, 2008 by in Article, Design, Photography, Video

Quite a while ago, British street gone museum artist Banksy, told The Guardian about his goal to bring back the term “vandalism” with his work:

You know what hip-hop has done with the word ‘nigger’ – I’m trying to do that with the word vandalism…

Now Peter Dean Rickards, who made some noise publishing pictures showing the face of “invisible” Banksy working in Jamaica, vandalised one of the walls Banksy did in Kingston (via NewsOne). He didn´t destroy it though. He let it take down carefully and offers “The Rock” on eBay now:

The wall is 60 inches by 55 inches and about 7 inches thick. It weighs like 2000 pounds though that is just a guess. I spent the day getting a bunch of drunk guys to cut it down and raise it onto a flatbed truck tied to one of those sealtbelt-type industrial straps. I was amazed that it didn’t smash to pieces which would have really been an incredible waste of energy and patience. All the guys in that video (including me) had no real idea how to cut the thing down (much less move it) and were completely impaired by the time we actually got it tied to a backhoe (borrowed from a nearby construction site). Ironically, the damn thing almost fell on me in which case there would be a much funnier headline : Jamaican who revealed Banksy killed by falling artwork.

As bidding ends December 1st, this thingy could actually make it under your Christmas tree right on time…

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  1. 90min 90er | Club45 said at 6:56 pm on November 25th, 2008:

    [...] seid! Only for the brav! Das Ding reist Mauern ein… genauso wie Mr. Rickards, der ein Banksy Graff samt Mauer auf Ebay [...]

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