New York Times on “Di Genius”: Sales of Champagne slowed down

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Even though I´m not sure if the author´s understanding of “juggling” is the same as mine (isn´t it rather selektors and radio DJs juggling riddims than artists?), I still like to highlight Vivien Goldman´s New York Times article on Big Ship´s junior captain Stephen McGregor which also mentions Stephen´s sibblings Chino and Shema.

But “For Him, Reggae Is the Family Business” doesn´t only focus on the McGregor clan´s influence on reggae and dancehall music – it shows their impact on drinking habits in Jamaican streets as well:

Another alcohol-infused McGregor hit was “Ghetto Whiskey,” named after a Jamaican tipple of Guinness, Stone’s Ginger Wine, Red Bull and Magnum Tonic Wine. “It proved the power of music,” Chino said. “People didn’t know if it would poison them, but they had to try it.”

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2 comments on “New York Times on “Di Genius”: Sales of Champagne slowed down”

  1. Gnou said at 11:07 pm on September 22nd, 2008:

    “Juggling” also refers to several artists laying vocals on a given riddim…
    Nice article, thanks for linking it up!

  2. Tobias said at 12:31 am on September 23rd, 2008:

    alright – thanks for letting me know!

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