Mavado to release “Gully Wear”

posted on November 5th, 2008 by in Fashion

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Dancehall man-of-the-moment, Mavado, has placed his stamp of approval on a new clothing line that has been dubbed “Gully Side Wear” – themed in support of the “Gully Side” that Mavado has deejayed and sung about since he burst on the scene in 2005.

A designer, Franklin Garnett, and Mavado’s sister Joey Brooks are the persons behind the Mavado clothing line which will be launched in December at Mavado’s birthday bash. It will feature t-shirts, baby Ts, cotton shorts, caps and bags of various designs. (via Dancehall.Mobi)

Curious how this will look like. Hopefully it won´t be the Ed Hardy-style tight-top-collection I kind of expect it to be.