Sherman Escoffery – »A wake up call for Jamaica«

posted on November 28th, 2010 by in Article, Jamaican Politics

© Peter Dean Rickards
© Peter Dean Rickards

While a move has kept me offline for the last couple of days, Sherman Escoffery contributed a must-read column for the Jamaica Observer which sums of the state of the Jamaican nation – a state of emergency. (via Ross Sheil)

Sherman concludes that the lack of shame or embarrassment about what the Jamaican nation has descended into, is the main reason for political and societal stagnation.

He also mentions that the reduction of the Jamaican vocabulary to set phrases from the dancehall world re-inforces the situation as no appropiate debate could happen without appropriate language:

Sometimes I think that because we have abandoned the English language and reduced patois to a few words such as “maad”, “sellaff”, “shell dung”, “luu”, “blenda”, it may have reduced our ability to reason in a logical way, hence a possible reason for the increased violence and depravity that we seem to have become accustomed to.

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