GABE X No Ice Cream Sound #2: Addi Di Teacha.

posted on August 22nd, 2011 by in Design, GABE

© Illustration by Gabe
© Illustration by Gabe

We told you already and we tell you again: Today is the day that issue 2 of »No Ice Cream Sound« magazine is released. It e.g. features:

Exclusive interviews with Sizzla, Ward 21, Solo Banton and Carolyn Cooper. A Feature on Japanese Dancehall and Alternative reggae from our JP correspondent. A chart from Al Fingers. Gabriel Heatwave’s exclusive review of Showtime!

A piece of GABE’s work can also be found in there: He illustrated a story about Vybz Kartel a.k.a. The Werl’ Boss a.k.a. Addi Di Teacha (see picture above).

Make sure to grab your copy from the Shimmy Shimmy online shop.