FIRST Magazine: The Madness of David Marchand

posted on May 7th, 2010 by in Article, Photography

© Peter Dean Rickards

Just when I thought FIRST Magazine was taking another creative break, Peter Dean Rickards hits back hard with an amazing piece about David Marchand.

He went to see the St. Ann-based artist in his house, a place »cluttered with papers, paintings, sculptures and cat shit«, to have a look at his work and chat with him about his experiences as an art-school student in New York:

They kept bringing out all sorts of girls and they would take their clothes off. All kinds of girls; skinny girls, brown girls, white girls and one time even a big fat Chinese one! They wanted us to draw them and to concentrate on making perfect lines but all I kept thinking was if I could make one of them squirt! I just couldn’t sit there and draw girls, it was driving me crazy. And the streets were calling me. This was New York City in the sixties so I didn’t give a shit about lines.

Read the full story here. It connects nicely to the footage of Rickards’ journey to Port-au-Prince where he visited a group of Haitan sculpturists seeking for Jamaican visas a couple of weeks ago.

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