Another Boring Germaican Shoe-Collabo

posted on January 10th, 2008 by in Design, Fashion


After Puma has shown us quite often (last try: teaming up with Riddim-magazine) how shitty Jamaica-”inspired” sneakers can actually look like, this time Adidas tries to be hip doing the Reg-gay together with Tuff Gong Studios. Ok, they´re (of course) better than their German competitors (and the shoes fit Ziggy´s H&M-shirty at least), but hey – couldn´t you come up with something more sophisticated? Or do you really wanna make shoes for this target-group only?

Wonder who´s next putting lions and red-gold-and-green und trainers. Converse maybe? At least that would be a brand that actually is worn in JA nowadays…

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