WILDLIFE! to drop dancehall EP

posted on April 17th, 2010 by in Audio

Good news for all trancehall ravers: The bass boss from Bern, WILDLIFE!, is about to drop a heavily dancehall-influenced release soon. In an interview with our friends over at Tropical Bass, he describes the concept of the EP like this:

I’m adding the finishing touches to a new EP that will be released in spring. It will consist of 4 vocal tracks featuring 4 Reggae/Dancehall singers from different decades. There will be an artist standing for the 80s, for the 90s, someone for the 00er years and Terry [Lynn] for the future.

At the end of XX X, he will then come around with an album which translates the British Reggae meets Punk Rock movement from the late 70′s to the present. Badly looking forward to both releases.

PS: Also watch out for Poirier‘s »Running High« album on which you’ll find a WILDLIFE! remix of »90′s Backyard« and which is available on iTunes from April 23rd in Europe and the UK (May 4th in the US, already out in Japan).

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