Watch your back – and maybe these movies

posted on August 6th, 2008 by in Movie


Living in an age of handy portable DVD/WLAN devices and multi-tasking people, I don´t feel bad recommending you some movies even though it´s mid-summer here in Europe. You can still get your asses out there on the streets looking at girls (in case you´re male) or men (in case you´re female) and at the same time follow flicks on a screen and watch your back.

So here we go (I sorted the movies in a way that makes the one with the tightest connection to Jamaican culture come first):

Made in Queens: cool Carribean kids and huges soundsystems and jiggy bikes (via Creative Review)

Beautiful Losers: “make something from nothing” (which basically equals one of my favourite Jamaican sayings: “Everybody is a star”)

Streetwise: Youtube brings back a classic (via We Make It Good)

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  1. Klaus said at 11:11 pm on August 6th, 2008:

    Heard a lot bout ‘Beautiful Losers’, I’m curious bout “the main man” Ed Templeton, apart from Jamie Thomas and the mighty Mark Gonzales one of my favourite skateboard-/artists of all time. Nice one.

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