Walshy Killa a.k.a. Walshy Fire: new Blog and Mash Up Mix

posted on September 19th, 2007 by in Audio


Walshy Killa also known as Walshy Fire (caught by some paparazzi with Don Everest in the picture above), member of the imfamous Black Chiney soundsystem, has started his own blog. It deals with “music, fashion, and life” and everything else “that happens in the world of the Skank Krew”. So don´t waste no time and surf over to “the non believers, the few” – where “mod meets rudeboy” and “Clarks, mesh marinas, and fur hats” rule the place.

Also check Walshy´s brandnew Mash-Up-Mix which you´re invited to download here.

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