Video and pics of the week: Wiley, Vybz Kartel, Terry Lynn & Robin Clare.

posted on May 12th, 2011 by in Design, Photography, Video of the Week

I find this song and video madly inspiring. It’s beautifully shot and contains stunning footage of Kingston – the message in the song is amazing as well. (via The Heatwave)

For the final outdoor scene Kartel was rolling deep with his crew Also, note the fans watching the shoot from the roof. There were literally hundreds of people who came to get a glimpse of Kartel. (via Dre Skull)

The single cover, a photograph of a bullet ahead of the wave, is a creation of Schlieren photography, a technique that allows the visualization of density changes, and therefore shock waves, in fluid flow. Schlieren techniques have been used in laboratory wind tunnels to visualize the supersonic flow of model aircraft, making airflow visible, or to view the reaction of FIRE on its environment. (via Sainted PR)

Jamaica Project explores modern Jamaica through it’s dancehall and party scene. The result being a combination of purely text based work alongside some pretty sexy graphics depicting the dichotomy of the Jamaican woman’s place within society. It has been a means of understanding and coming to grips with modern Jamaican culture while connecting it with elements of the past that inspired me as a child.
(via Shimmy Shimmy)

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