Viceland: »Boom bye-bye to Khaki«.

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Our dear friend in Kingston, Eve Mann, wrote about current male fashion trends in Jamaican dancehall culture a while ago on this blog – now, the people at Viceland picked the same topic talking to Donna Hope, senior lecturer in reggae studies at the University of the West Indies in Kingston:

How does the scene settle with seeing its stars with belly-button rings and tight trousers?
[...] A hardcore man walking around in a pastel t-shirt and orange pants with a hairstyle more elaborate than that of the woman he is walking beside, with piercings and chunky jewelry, can remain hardcore because of the way he carries himself. It’s in the attitude, the talk, the walk, the screwface—the combination of all these elements presents a very conflicted picture of masculinity to outside observers. [...]

Read the rest of the interview over at Vice Magazine: Boom bye-bye to Khaki: You look fabulous! – Jamaican Dancehall Stars Are Whitening Their Skin and Piercing Their Belly Buttons.

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