Vans Rasta Pack

posted on August 8th, 2008 by in Design, Fashion


Just when you think that the whole Rasta thing is a little played out, you stumble across yet another pack based on it and it just proofs again, that the rasta movement is timeless and will probably never leave. When it comes to music, we also don’t mind, but by now we have certainly seen enough sneakers in the rasta colors.  (via High Snobiety)

Nothing more to say. Besides something that has nothing to do with these ugly kicks (esp. the low top looks like a 16 year old pot head created them with Zazzle and Ked´s new custom shoe tool using his left while rolling a spliff with the right hand): Our friends from SoulForce just dropped a brandnew mix. Get the official high sound quality snippet on this blog tomorrow.

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