Thursday look-around: Stereotyp, M.I.A., TNT, De Tropix, Terry Lynn & The Specials

posted on October 30th, 2008 by in Article, Audio, Fashion, Video


Via Facebook I found out that Austria´s #1 dubclubspecialist Stereotyp offers a free tune for people sending in pictures of fold monsters which are available at

fully fledge foldin fun !
hey and make em, fold em, send me a picture of em and i send u a mp3 .. a free tchune :) if u feel like some free tchunedge that is

The Fader gave me some details on M.I.A.´s finally available fashion line, TNT´s performance at the last Fader release party and some genre-blowing “reggae artists” like De Tropix, Natalie Storm and Terry Lynn in the latest edition of Ghetto Palms.

And Rockers NYC pointed me to an excellent BBC documentary on The Specials.

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