The Afflicted Yard Vernissage

posted on November 13th, 2007 by in Event, Photography


What a trip… Just reached back from The Afflited Yard vernissage at the Milieu Digital gallery and the official vernissage afterparty at the Wasserwerk Club in Bern, Switzerland. And right now, I don´t regret any minute of the 16 hours I spent on the train (might think different tomorrow morning though :)). It was great to finally see a nice selection of Peter´s pictures you know from online as Swiss quality prints. They worked perfect on the wall and it´s not a surprise that many of them got sold right away (you can also buy those left online btw). The turnout at the gallery was pretty decent – and it was even better at the Wasserwerk Club, where Jahcoozi, Terry Lynn, Audioporn and Wildlife squeezed every db out of one of the best soundsystems I ever heard in a European club to entertain the ram dancehall. Shouts to the whole Milieu Digital/Kitchener crew, Peter, Goldrush, Russ, Caroline and Terry! Gotta take this thing through the world.



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