Telephone Thing

posted on March 5th, 2008 by in Article, Design


I´m a huge fan of well-done information graphics. This is a pretty slick one I found on Ross Sheill´s Jamaica Observations blog (which he got from the NYT). It shows

how different neighbourhoods [of NYC] reach out to the rest of the world via the AT&T telephone network

and thereby reflects which ethnical groups dominate the various quarters.

Thus on Nov. 1, 2007, Kingston (Jamaica) accounted for about ten percent of all calls out of Brooklyn. Together, Kingston, Santo Domingo and Haiti (no city specified) account for 17 percent of all calls out of Brooklyn. In the Bronx there is a symmetry between incoming and outgoing calls. Kingston and Santo Domingo accounted for 30 percent of all calls out of the Bronx.

And where are my Germans at? As far as I can tell from the map, there´s a couple of Bavarians hanging around in BK and Manhattan.

It will be two more when Don Everest and his brother will hit the ground tomorrow. More from them soon as they´re supposed to regularly send on some pics from e.g. the Mavado ls. Serani and Bugle show at C Pac on March 14th.

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