Stüssy Deluxe X Greensleeves X Al Fingers

posted on June 20th, 2010 by in Audio, Design

Often enoughed have I raged about big brands just not getting it right when dealing with Jamaican culture. The happier I am to see what Stüssy Deluxe has done together Grensleeves Records and Al Fingers:

After almost two years, a collaboration between Stüssy Deluxe, Greensleeves Records and myself has finally come out. The project began in summer 2008 when Stussy’s head designer Nick Bower asked me to put together a mixtape for Stüssy Deluxe. I went to Greensleeves Records for the music, and the project then grew to include a book on Greensleeves album cover art (»Greensleeves The First 100 Covers«) and a small clothing collection of nine Stüssy Deluxe tees, with prints featuring elements of the album cover art.

Especially the book is a must-buy:

The book is a document of the first 100 Greensleeves album covers. It also contains interviews with Greensleeves’ founders, Chris Sedgwick and Chris Cracknell, and its chief designer, Tony McDermott, who has worked for Greensleeves almost since the day the label launched in 1977.

And while the release was announced early May already, it is now finally available in selected stores all over the world.

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