Sherman Escoffery: Taking the H out of shelling.

posted on June 13th, 2011 by in Article


Sherman Escoffery‘s editorial on most Jamaican artists and producers not having any filter or any true sounding board for a lot of the music that they send out is a nice little Sunday read.

Sherman about wannabe publicists:

A publicist is not the person who spends the day spamming people email boxes and facebook pages, with your paid write ups from the same local tabloid; by an unnamed writer, re-tweeting praises that are actually done by one person with many aliases; at your behest, and getting your song on some made up chart, when your song is not even available for sale at a single digital retail store.

Sherman about producers:

Producers need to start producing and stop being record button activators that records anything the artist feels like saying. If more time is spent making quality music to sell, instead of churning out bad music to giveaway, most producers will become associated with a consistent sound or production that people will actually look for, with high expectations of a particular sound or vibes, just like how they use to look to Dave Kelly and Madhouse records.

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