seen. Spring 2010 T-Shirts: »Mans of Mans«

posted on March 23rd, 2010 by in Design, SEEN

I’m continuing our one-week series of shameless self-promotion talking about another T-shirt design out of the seen. Spring 2010 Collection today: »Mans of Mans«.

For that design, Gabe picked a non-representative cross-section of Jamaica’s noble society and turned it into a set of nine cartoon characters. From the upper left to the bottom right we got: Rastaman, Gunman, Bigman, White Man, Yellow Man, Madman, Badman, Shortman and Skinnyman.

Let us know in case you got too much money laying around – we’d love to turn them into vinyl toys (I would kill for Gunman and Yellow Man). Until then, you got to be satisfied with the »Mans of Mans« T-shirt.

PS: Check part one of a great interview with Darhil Crooks on Large Up – big man in (editorial) design!

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