seen. Spring 2010 T-Shirts: »Everybody is a Star«

posted on March 22nd, 2010 by in Design, SEEN

What’s good? This week, I’d like to talk about one T-shirt out of our Spring 2010 Collection a day. I’m kicking off with »Everybody is a Star« which is

inspired by the ‘everyone is a celebrity’ mentality of Kingston nightlife, no matter how overweight or rum-soaked (FIRST Magazine).

That pretty much sums up the one side of what we were thinking about when designing this shirt: We were thinking about all those people in Jamaica and the rest of the world who – even though they might have nothing or at least not much to smile about – still got pride and style, and – even more important – got fun when going out to parties at night no matter how harsh their lifes might look like during the days.

What we also had in mind was that quote from LSK’s »The Takeover« which you can e.g. listen to in Don Lett’s podcast for Fabric London and which is about the unifying power of music that (ideally) makes people from very different social backgrounds come together in peace to enjoy some heavy beats and basslines. The original quote goes like this:

… Knives have become guitar drops,
and guns have become drums,
bombs are now basslines,
and tonight, Babylon runs …

Definitely check that tune out – it’s classic – and find more pictures of the »Everybody is a Star« shirt in our shop.

PS: Also check FIRST’s video of »Gad Reds« after the jump – a true star!

FIRST People: Gad Reds from First Studio on Vimeo.

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