seen. Spring 2010 T-Shirts: »Overcome«

posted on March 28th, 2010 by in Audio, Fashion, SEEN, Tim Turbo

In his article »Jamaica nuff problems«,  published today on the blog of FIRST Magazine, Sherman Escoffery sums up the political/societal situation in Jamaica and calls for change:

We need to start looking within ourselves and stop making excuses and admit that we have not seen any upward trajectory in Jamaica for a while now. We need to acknowledge that we need a long term plan.

We need new, intelligent and unselfish leadership, the PNP and JLP no longer care about us.

We need real moral leadership as the religious leaders have failed us.

We need a new police force as the current one is no better than the gunmen; and sometimes they are the gunmen that hunt us.

Jamaica needs to »Overcome« and so does every individual that feels caught in a system that doesn’t do him or her justice.

Pull your socks up and stand up tall.

Two steps forward, no step back!

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