SEEN recommends: WILDLIFE! »Pastiche« EP.

posted on May 14th, 2012 by in Audio

Daniel Haaksman just shared the latest Man Recordings release with us which is an EP by one of our favourite producers out there – WILDLIFE!. It’s called »Pastiche« and features four excellent tracks:

On »DNO« WILDLIFE! & J-Wow deliver slowed down kuduroesque rhythm patterns paired with heavy sub-bass action, while the Toddla T collabo »Hear Dat« swings between grimey dancehall and post-apocalyptic soca madness. On »Paragon« WILDLIFE! and Haaksman take things up to 150 bpm, clashing a Juke/Footwork influenced percussion section with chopped-up vocal bits and genre-defying electronica weirdness. WILDLIFE! rounds things up, with dub influenced half-time smasher »Clappaz«.

For the release, Suze published an interview with Sam on Mixpak in which he talks about the EP, his ucoming album and his favourite soundclashes amongst other things:

I got to a point where the whole European dancehall and soundsystem scene just didn’t interest me anymore. And that’s still the case. I can’t really listen to German or Swiss or Italian sounds pretending to be Jamaican on stage. I can’t listen to that. That was also one of the reasons why I started WILDLIFE!, I wanted to do something rooted in my world and where I’m coming from, from my background, from my environment. I wanted to stop pretending to be a Jamaican soundsystem operator. I became a simple fan, I’m not trying to be in that scene but I still love listening to clashes and the latest new tunes but I don’t have the aim of being the next Ricky Trooper, which was the case when I was 18 years old [laughs].

Read the whole interview here and check the wicked promo mix for WILDLIFE!’s »Pastiche« EP below:

Pastiche Mix by Wildlife! on Mixcloud

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