SEEN recommends: New Tees from Shimmy Shimmy, Dutty Artz & Toddla T.

posted on May 17th, 2011 by in Design, Fashion

Summer is near and the day will come that all your SEEN T-shirts are in the laundry and you need nice alternatives. We highly recommend the new collections/designs from our friends at Shimmy Shimmy and Dutty Artz as well as the latest Toddla Tee to master that situation:

Shimmy Shimmy (Shop/Lookbook)

After the successful first run of Shabba tees that sold out faster than you could say Mr Loverman, we’ve produced 5 new dancehall designs. The 5 tees are rooted in dancehall history, from the 80s to the present, from the iconic look of Shabba to a phrase made popular by one of 2010?s biggest songs.

Dutty Artz (Shop/Lookbook):

Emeka Alams is my favorite “street-wear” designer – except I don’t know any other crews putting out gorgeous leather moccasins and imbuing their work with street-fresh historiography that goes thousands of fathoms deeper than your average hood-repping fitted or all over print tee.  Gold Cost Trading is simply THAT SHIT. After selling out of our first run of DA logo tee’s last year (don’t worry there will be more in the Fall) I wanted to take our apparel game to that next level. With his its-just-clothes-but-more-than-just-clothes approach mirroring our own desire to push deeper then net-label or dj-collective would suggest it was a natural progression to link Emeka for a mini-collection.

Toddla T (Shop):

new toddla t shirts will come in womens too
.. out this week ..

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