seen. team Wildlife!

01. Stanley Brothers | Angel Band
02. Hasil Adkins | When I Saw You Last Night
03. Ramones | Needles & Pins
04. Wreckless Eric | Whole Wide World
05. Slaughter & The Dogs | Cranked Up Really High
06. Joy Division | Transmission
07. Bow Wow Wow | Golly Golly Go Buddy!
08. Super Cat | Vineyard Party
09. Bounty Killer | Lodge
10. UK Apache & Show FX | Original Nutta

This list of 10 of WILDLIFE!‘s all-time favourite tunes already tells you a lot about him and why we really dig what he does.

Want more? Check Sam’s production work for Terry Lynn, his remixes for Edu K, Beware & Motorpitch, and Radioclit amongst others, everything he has done during his Dancehall days (Goldrush International, anybody?), and, of course, his eclectic mixes and DJ sets he puts out and performs on an almost scary regular basis.