SEEN on Joscha (Silly Walks Discotheque).

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SEEN on Joscha (Silly Walks Discotheque)

Silly Walks Discotheque is one of the if not THE veteran soundsystem in Germany and has been a great inspiration for SEEN for many many years now.

Therefore, we are really proud to see one half of the current crew, Joscha, representing our stuff: The»OVERCOME« T-shirt at a recent dance (above) as well as the »LIFE SWEET« T-shirt in a promo video shot for the limited vinyl edition (4 color handmade silkscreen print covers with sprayed flash, 2 x 180gr vinyl + CD, manually numbered!) of Silly Walks’ latest record release »Storms of Life«.

See the video after the jump, order the »Storms of Life« limited edition vinyl via, and make sure to visit Silly Walks’ show in Munich tomorrow if you have the chance to.

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