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posted on December 28th, 2009 by in SEEN

seen. on facebook

I set up a seen. page on facebook on the weekend. That means that all fans can become fans now.

Go tell your friends. There will soon be more than stupid Gleaner dancehall links – promised.

  • mizzoe

    Nice… But the new logo is not that nice the old has been.

  • i dunno if its me but whenever i click pon ur link it takes me to facebook login page (or my homepage if i'm already logged in)…? & i cant find the page with facebook-search either!

  • toastyle1210

    @mizzoe: the logo you´re currently seeing is only one of a few variations and I´m sure you´ll like at least one of them ;-)

    @Lord_Lyta: The link works fine for me – no matter if I´m logged in or out. Try to search for “seen we nice things up” and you should find the page anyway.

  • guest

  • guest

  • guest

  • nope! i found many pages called “seen” or with this word in the name but not your page. searching for “seen we nice things up” gave only web-results. i wonder what's the bug? try to invite me to the group/page if you want…