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seen. on De Tropix

Just catching up with the latest news today: while the new seen. shirts are finally getting printed (yes, it´s really true – so don´t spend all of your money for the new Rockers NYC stuff – even though they kill it once again with their latest releases), we´re happy to see Eddie Stats illustrating the latest edition of his Ghetto palms column with a photo in which Instinct from the beloved De Tropix is wearing one of our Bounty Killer tees which we released together with the Afflicted Yard. Btw: there are very few of them left on our shop: catch them while you can.

In the meantime, the Bob Marley heirs are taking it on product pirates in order to “continue getting his real message out like when he was alive”. As much as this move is about the message it´s probably about the money, too:

The Marley name, look and sound are estimated to generate about $600m a year in sales of unlicensed wares. Legal sales are much smaller – just $4m in 2007, according to Forbes magazine.

Read the full story in The Guardian and listen to my music recommendations of the day while doing so:

Business Class featuring Natalie Storm & Tifa “Running”

Emynd feat. Roundhead “The Most High” (Top Billin RMX) – via Top Billin

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