SEEN meets Fizzle: »A kitchen, casinos and a big necklace.« (incl. free SoulForce RMX download)

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Frische Küche EP

Since Thursday, the latest Fizzle Records release is available for purchase: The »Frische Küche« EP features Nini Martini and Lefti 1 Euro on the vocals and we sat with Fizzle to find out more about this project.

Fizzle – please tell me a little something about Nini Martini and Lefti 1 EUR, the latest artists to be released on your label.

Huhu! Nini Martini is a very talented artist out of my hometown who deals with pin up photographie as a model and photographer herself. She loves music and is the best »I know this sample from…« person I ever met. She joined the project for one hookline and then we decided to do an entire EP with her on the hooks. She will be dropping a relaxed dubstep version of »Fever« by Peggy Lee that is produced by Symbiz Sound soon. Check out her work on and follow her on tumblr. It’s worth it!

Lefti 1 Euro is the realest rapper we have in our area, the thing he talks about, he did them. IIn our hometown everybody knows him and has a story to tell. He is an original. The thing I like most about him is his humor, he does his street thing but gives it a very own perspective that is just great! He also runs his own »Mobb« label where he does his thing. Their new homepage is up and running at Check it out. The good thing about him he is open for good music and a music lover, your average street rapper would not do songs like we did and sounds as good as Lefti. We have some more stuff coming with him, keep your ears open.

How did the collaboration with them come off?

I forced them to do it.

What is the »Frische Küche« EP all about?

A kitchen, casinos and a big necklace.

Besides the original version of the title track »Frische Küche«, there is also a Reggae remix of the same tune on the EP. If Nini Martini and Lefti 1 EUR were Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artists – who would they be?

No idea, really and truly, no idea at all. (I thought about it for 2 days)


They are originals.

What’s coming up next for Fizzle?

An EP with Brooklyn rapper BRNGTN. Crazy. Check out his tunes with Half Pint – he is the perfect match for my beats with reggae samples. We have a joint called »Brownsville« with a hook by Notorious B.I.G. … Ok, I’ve sampled the hook . . . Ok. But it’s crazy. It’s like the perfect match, he likes my beats and I feel his rap. We are trying to finish it till August and drop an mixtape with some more BRNGTN tunes before to introduce him to the Europe.

After that I will do an EP with Skarra Mucci, we did some tunes before and everything went very well, so we doing more. Simple. Capleton has a SoulForce beat, I want to do something special for Ronny Trettmann and come back hard with some original Fizzle remixes.

Besides that I’m doing some Moombahton stuff with Rae Rae Collective and Lieders of the New School – we just finished a track with Prince Zimboo called »Ultimate Love« with the Lieders. Heh!

Anything else to add?


And for the record: Red Stripe or Heineken?

Red Stripe.

Beenie Man or Bounty Killer?


Bicycle, Benz or Bimma?


Gleaner or Observer?


Mountains or beach?



Download SoulForce w/ Lefti 1 Euro & Nini Martini – »Frische Küche« (SoulForce RMX):
SoulForce feat. Lefti 1 Euro & Nini Martini -Frische Küche (SoulForce RMX) by SOULFORCE

The whole »Frische Küche« EP will be available on iTunes from June 23rd.

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