seen. in the world

posted on March 9th, 2008 by in SEEN, Stuff

While I´m messing around with the navigation of our website (how does it look on IE btw?) and preparing our releases in spring (e.g. Afflicted Yard combination #02, Walshy Fire combination #01), the seen. family is invading the world.

Above you see my man Stefan who is chilling in NCY with his brother Decent Don (Everest Soundsystem) watching the Knicks playing the Pistons. Pictures from them visiting Mavado´s first live appearance in the States and Dizzee Rascal´s show in Brooklyn will follow.

In the meantime, Gabe, the master of graphics at seen., has moved to Kingston for another three months to collect material for his final design school project, help Peter Dean Rickards with FIRST magazine and of course pushing seen. another step forward. Last week he hit the ground and is now setting up his “little office” in downtown.

And finally, we head to South Africa where Gabe´s brother C.B. – also selecta for Everest – is training for his medical career. See him cruising around in the cool ruling Benz and find him within a bunch of whities below.

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