Santigold »Disparate Youth« video.

posted on March 2nd, 2012 by in Video of the Week

Santigold‘s first hits dropped back in 2008 and I remember when I met up with GABE in New York City back then after he had finished working on his diploma thesis in Kingston, that her Myspace profile was our number one source for music in the fucked-up Brooklyn couch-surfing apartment that we stayed in.

Now, Santi is about to release her second album. The video for the first single, »Disparate Youth«, was shot in Portland, Jamaica and directed by Sam FleischnerWah Do Dem«).

Visually, »Disparate Youth« is on some epic, Duran Duran »Rio« meets Lord of the Flies shit, a Golden Era of MTV-level, vague/weird story-driven video sure to stand out amidst today’s budget YouTube visuals. Follow our heroine as she journeys through the Jamaican wilds by motorbike and motorboat, happening on a grand plantation house and a facepainted-up tribe of duppy pickneys. Enjoy!
- via LargeUp

Great shit.

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