Recap: Die Allianz – Puerto Giesing Bass Bomb

posted on July 31st, 2010 by in Munich Events, Tim Turbo, Video

Bwoy. Last night’s alliance of Munich’s biggest global bass parties (BTYCL, Global Warming and Hypie Hypie) – presented by seen. – was unbelievable.

I don’t have any official numbers yet but I guess that at least 600 people showed up in the basement of Puerto Giesing where Dala Dala, Tim Turbo, Malente and Schlachthofbronx tore the place down with the help of Ron Foto and Gnucci Banana on the mic like I have hardly seen it in Munich ever before.

Especially Schlachthofbronx’ homecoming after their extensive festival tour (Dour, Roskilde, Melt, …) made patrons go mental. Check the video above.

Thanks to all people who made this happen. Hope, you will join forces sometime soon again (hint: Oktoberfest time).

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